Welcome to Ivalice: Echoes. This is a play-by-post roleplay based on the Square-Enix's world of Ivalice, and takes place some two-hundred years before the events of Final Fantasy XII.

The board and its owners are not affiliated with Square-Enix.


  • Rules: The rules for the forum, the roleplay, and the wiki.
  • Creating Your Character: A guide for character creation.
  • Races: Descriptions of the playable races.
  • Classes: Descriptions of the playable classes.
  • F.A.Q.: Frequently Asked Questions about the game.
  • Staff: Learn about the Echoes staff team.


  • Character Index: An index of all characters stored on the wiki.
  • NPCs: An index of all major NPC characters.
  • Face Claims: Some people like to use actors/actresses for their characters. For those who desire that option, there is Face Claim.
  • Who Plays Who: The people behind the characters, and their character lists.


  • Prologue:
  • Main Plot: Plots that affect the whole of Dalmasca or the greater Ivalice region.
  • Summary: A list of past plots in order, and a summary of what transpired in them.
  • Thread Calendar: A list of roleplay threads by date.

The WorldEdit

  • Ivalice: Information on the geography of Ivalice.
  • Rabanastre: Information on the roleplay's main location, the trade city of Rabanastre and capital of Dalmasca.
  • Timeline: A timeline of events in Ivalice.
  • Religion: Information on the major religions in Ivalice.
  • Organizations: Information on some of the major organizations in Ivalice.
  • Language: Some words from varying languages used by the people of Ivalice. This is under construction.