The year is 512 Old Valendian, and the beloved King Kaplan Drowaa Dalmasca lies on his deathbed, deep within the Royal Palace of Rabanastre.

A dark cloud is cast over the city as the hourglass counts down the king's last moments; as the king's heirs bicker and plot amongst one another, no one knows will rise to power in the late king's stead. Will Rozarria or the Archadian Imperium seize the opportunity attempt a coup and steal away Dalmasca's independence, or will the kingdom be torn apart from within as it wages war with itself?

Or, perhaps, will the people of Rabanastre need to face enemies of an entirely different sort altogether?

One thing is certain, however; without its king, Dalmasca will never be the same again.


Echoes is an Alternate Universe Ivalice Alliance game set on the stage of the city of Rabanastre, 200 years before the events of Final Fantasy XII.