The Seeq are a large, broad race of pig-like people found throughout Ivalice. Though one would not think it to look on them, Seeq are remarkably quick and agile, making for formidable foes and valued allies. They are not, however, terribly bright, and their moral compass has lost all direction. They lust for gold, jewels, and the like, often adorning their bodies with such, whether ill-gotten or otherwise. Seeqs are stereotyped as brigands, thieves and bandits, and it is incredibly difficult for a Seeq to grow in social standing outside of its birthright. Those Seeqs who choose to attempt to make a better life for themselves often find themselves employed as simple craftsmen and laborers.

Height: 1.6 - 1.8m (Male) / 1.5 - 1.7m (Female)
Weight: 170 - 200kg (Male) / 160 - 190kg (Female)
Skin Colors: Blue, Green, Tan
Hair Colors: Blue, Green, Red, White.
Lifespan: 70 - 90 years


Formerly an agrarian, tribal race, the Seeq have attempted to modernize with limited success. Most Seeq have moved to larger cities

Seeq prize stability, and excel at simple repetitive tasks. However, they become easily flustered by choice, leaving some to just stand in place for hours when trying to make a decision. This has led to a reputation for sloth, although they will happily perform the same task over and over without complain, regardless of difficulty or hardship.


The Average Seeq...Edit a Berserker, Breaker, Ranger or Thief.